About CraftDee

Hello and welcome! My name is Dee and soon you will find out that I love to craft! I’ve been an artist of some type my whole life as art was always and still is a passion of mine. I received my first Silhouette Cameo 2 back in 2016 and even though there was a rough start to getting myself to use it, I haven’t looked back!

Previously I started an Etsy Shop in 2015 with no clue as to what I was going to sell. I was dreaming of some ideas (as I tend to do on many of my projects) and it hit me! I made a cute popcorn box that no one else had thought of! So I placed it on Etsy in hopes that others will love what I have created. They did! So my shop SuperCraftDee was officially formed!

My husband and I reside in Southern California with our two amazing children.