Mad Tea Party Cupcake Wrappers

I’m so excited about my newest creation! The Mad Tea Party Cupcake Wrappers! Yay! These are going to look so adorable on your Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Table. I’m almost done finalizing everything on the files and getting ready to launch. When I do launch them on Craft Dee’s website, then I will have them at a discounted rate. When I have them on Etsy, they will be full price. So I would take advantage of purchasing them here.

Have you been on Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Tea Party attraction at Disneyland? Are you a fast spinner? Or do you cruise? I love that ride, but now as I’m getting older, I don’t think I can take such a fast spin anymore. But, it’s still a blast!

I will keep you updated when the Mad Tea Party Cupcake Wrappers are available on the website!

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