Feeling Defeated!

I feel completely defeated! I've been working on my blog/website for so long that I feel nothing is getting accomplished. Recently I was on my way of becoming what I thought of having a successful website. I had my products in place, was working on my blog, and then BAM! It was all shut down because I forgot to update my expired credit card on file. I lost everything!

So here I am, working on my website entirely all over again and my hosting site, stopped working (on the times I could actually work) or I would update a plugin (a fancy word for application) and it would completely mess up and I would have to revert back to my design the day before. It was a complete mess. 

I felt defeated and cried a bit I must admit. My husband who has been great with me throughout my whole journey of me trying to "be someone" finally said to shut it down. I don't blame him...that was all me. Ever since he and I started dating I wanted to be someone and still do. I taught myself how to sew so that I could start making my own underwear. I thought underwear couldn't be THAT hard to make. So I did just that. I made a few pairs and let me tell you...hahaha I now buy my own underwear.  

Then, I was going to make jewelry, but not just any kind, I was going to make polymer clay roses and sell rights and necklaces. I actually sold a few but it was so tough on my hands and time. I had the throw in the towel on that one as well. They sure were pretty though. I have a few pieces of them lying around, just so I can remember them.

I've been making party printables for the past 3 years and loving the ideas I come up with. There aren't very many times that I can say "YES! That's perfect and I love it!". It honestly makes me truly happy. Well, I'm finding my journey and my way in life, I refuse to give up. I'm sure my husband would like me to just stop with crafting altogether, but that's not me. And he knows that. I'm not CraftDee for nothing and nothing is going to stop me. So I'm going to show everyone all my fun and different craft skills. I invite you to take that journey with me and I would love for you to share what you have made too. 

This is my happy place (along with my family of course), but my way to express who I am. I hope you enjoy doing these fun items too!