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Anytime I’m out shopping, I’m always trying to save money. Even when I’m standing in line about to check out, I’m googling for any coupon codes. When I’m not shopping in stores, I shop online and I use my Honey Extention. I’m not the one to sign up for stuff, but I decided to try this out. I believe this works like Ebates in a way but I always found that to be so difficult, I stopped trying to figure it out. So I signed up with Honey, and I just shop online and it will try and find coupon codes for me. If they can’t find the discount for you, I still have the opportunity to earn HoneyGold.

With Amazon, they have a button on the product page that tells you any price changes that have been made within the past 30 days. Sweet! This is a new feature they have put on and it’s fabulous. I normally used (yes that’s a real and working, non-spamming website lol). The only downside I see is that it will take 60 days for your points to go through for your HoneyGold.


The other day I wanted to check my points out and I had $20 worth of Amazon Gift Cards to redeem. What?!?! Then they email you the gift card and wham! Now I can use that money for things I have been debating to purchase.

So if you enjoy coupon codes, price checker and receiving money back, try out Honey. Now I believe this is only for your desktop and no mobile, but I could be wrong. It’s worth it!

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