Chip Cupcake Wrappers

Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies! From growing up to the movie, singing every song and saying all the words during the movie…I’m not exactly sure how my family wasn’t completely annoyed with me. Well, I love the movie no doubt. So I plan on taking my daughter to go see the movie as well.

There are times that I sit and think about the next thing I want to create. Creating new ideas that aren’t out there is what I’m all about. But, I’m finding that more and more people are not only following me on Etsy, but they like to copy my ideas as well. Well, I can’t stop that, but I don’t want them selling my items. That’s just a big no-no. Back to my creations. So one day I sat thinking about what I can do for Beauty and the Beast. I’ve been thinking for some time. Chip came to mind and I just had a crazy idea of making him into a cupcake wrapper. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it, but I came up with a game plan in my head. After creating a few drawings, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I created Chip the Cupcake Wrapper with the intention of his nose popped out, just as if he were a tea cup. The idea behind this was his nose will have to be a separate piece you cut out, tabs will fold in so they are hidden and glued. This actually worked out pretty well. For those who don’t want to put the addition cuts, I get it! So I made a file with his nose already on it.

Items you will need:

So far my niece would like Chip Cupcake Wrappers. She will be 4 this year and boy does time fly by so fast!

These cupcake wrappers are made for the standard at home cupcakes.

Please let me know if you plan on using these for your party or did. I would love to see pictures.

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