Halloween Skull DIY Decor

Halloween Skull DIY

Hey everyone! So I am getting in the “spirit” of Halloween and decided to do a quick video of a Halloween Skull DIY. Now I just went to Michael’s and picked up some foam skull heads, then was on a mission to do something with them! What? I didn’t know at the time, but I figured it out. Let me know your thoughts and what you think of my idea.

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Halloween Decor! Too Soon?

paper mache pumpkin 2016

So I’ve been working on some Halloween decorations and my friends and family think I’m crazy! Hahaha! No but seriously, I have been working on some paper mache pumpkins because I have a great project going on with them. Even though my family thinks it’s a little silly to start now, my brother does want me to make him one and they are so cheap to make. I thought about going over to Michael’s and purchasing a whole bunch of pumpkins for this project, but it can become costly real fast!

So here is just the look of the pumpkin with just the paper mache and his face cut out.


Paper Mache Pumpkin

Then I started to add more character to his face using Paper Mache Clay. I’ve done a ton of research and honestly, this is the third¬†item I’ve ever made using paper mache and paper mache clay. I can’t wait till I paint him and get him ready for Halloween.

paper mache pumpkin 2016

I figure I need a name for this guy. Maybe George? Zippy? LOL, someone help me!

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New Look!

CraftDee Printables with Ariel and Ursula

Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting! First of all I’m Dee! I love to use exclamation points as a way of saying “YAY!!!!” in a happy voice, not in a yelling tone lol. I’m not much of a writer, but I type how I talk (with spunk). I hope you have fun on my site!

So here we have a new look. I’m going to do more blog posts and how to’s on my CraftDee website. I do however have a website just for purchasing all of my printables and birthday items at: www.SuperCraftDee.com. If you are familiar with Etsy, you can find me at:¬†www.etsy.com/shop/SuperCraftDee.

Don’t be afraid to check it out, and if you have questions, just send me a note.

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